James Rothschild

James Amschel Victor de Rothschild was born in 1985 as an heir to one of the world’s greatest banking families. The Rosthchild’s are undeniably one of the wealthiest banking families in Europe. James Rothschild’s family banking dynasty is extensive and vast see here, with an aristocratic lineage and an impressive past.James Rothschild

The family spread their banking throughout France Germany and Europe, where they retain banking ownership today. Considering that the Rothschild legacy is responsible for many, if not most, of the great banks of today and of the past, the Rothschild family is said to be worth more than $700 trillion. They are definitely the elite ruling class throughout Europe and throughout the globe.

James Rothschild and the Future:

Continuing on with his family’s legacy, Rothschild is a British financier with a net worth of an estimated $20 billion. He maintains residency primarily in London; however; he has many properties all over the globe. Contributing to his family’s great success, James has been educated in how to conduct the family business and is adding more to his family’s vast net worth through high-powered financial mergers and acquisitions.

Recently, James Rothschild married Nicky Hilton, an heiress of Conrad Hilton of Hilton Hotels. The Rothschild and Hilton families met while the couple exchanged vows in a lavish and extravagant wedding. Attended by dignitaries, royalty, and celebrities, James and Nicky are the new face of young power and money.

James Rothschild and his wife recently welcomed the birth of their daughter. As this new, young power couple emerges, it is clear to see that james rothschild net worth plans to continue in his family’s footsteps putting him in a very high standing position within the banking world. Carrying on the family legacy seems to be of upmost importance, as the young financier makes his way with the power of his family’s name riding beside of him. The future of The Rothschild dynasty and James, himself, continues to shine.