How to Organize Office Supplies at Work

Office Supplies at Work

Many people keep office supplies such as sticky notes, paperclips, notebooks, and similar items on their desk. While this may be handy it does not take long for the desk to become messy. People may wonder how to organize office supplies in the workplace to become more organized. There are some tips on how to organize these supplies to make the desk less cluttered and the office more functional.

 Assign AreasOffice Supplies at Work

Take a look at the office supplies that are sitting around, if you do not have any see Sharperthepoint. Each supply should have a specific area. Envelopes, postage stamps, and other items used for mailing should be stored in one area. Pens, pencils, and writing utensils should be stored in another. A person should keep a pen or two in a storage unit on their desk. Postage notes and note pads should have their separate area as well. When a person is looking to complete a specific task a person will know where to get the supplies they need. They will no longer have to shuffle things around looking for something.

 Keep Close By

When putting office supplies away a person should put the items they use daily such as pens in close proximity to their desk. Other supplies that are not used as often can be stored in a supply closet or another area that is out of the way.

 Use Labels

A label maker is a good investment in an office. A person should label their shelves, bins, closets, and drawer with the type of supplies that are being kept in them. This way a person will instantly know where something is. This will make their workplace neat and they will not waste time looking for supplies.


The desk should be cleaned of just about everything. A desktop organizer will be able to hold supplies that are used every day. There are trays that papers can be kept in. The desk drawers should be clearly labeled and keep every day supplies as well. The help a person stay even more organized a desktop calendar is a good investment. Not only will a person be able to keep track of appointment it will help keep things from building up on the desk top.

These are just some of the thing that a person can do to organize their office supplies. When a person knows where their supplies are they can be more productive. Less time will be wasted looking for supplies and a person can get their job done.

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