A New Way to Steam Clothes

Steaming clothes is more like removing of wrinkles from your cloths. How do they work? A steamer only works when you boil water till the moment where it emits steam from it. Steamers are suitable for many fabrics. Wool, cotton, silk and also polyesters are example of fabrics that can be subjected to steaming but clothes like the jacket, suede or materials that are likely to melt should not come close to a steamer. There are many ways in which one can use to remove wrinkles from clothes. You should visit now and find what you need.

  1. Using the bottom of a heated pot

garment steamerYou are required to take a large pot not so big though then boil water in it. Then remove the water out of the pot and use its bottom of it as the iron now. You are advised to be very careful since you could burn yourself and the cloth too.

  1. Using a hair dryer.

A hair dryer is used to dry hair but since emits hot air close to steam one can use this to remove wrinkles from his/her cloths. What you are required to do is place your cloth or hang it not so close enough to the dryer. Before using the dryer you should first dampen the cloth. This is to prevent the heat that is emitted from the dryer from damaging the cloth. It is advised that it does not work best on cotton cloths.

  1. Using a tea kettle.

You should boil water in the kettle until it is very hot. This is another way that provides steam that can be used to remove wrinkles from clothes. You are supposed to hold the kettle about 12 inches away from the cloth to avoid the risk of ruining the cloth. You should also be careful enough since the water in the kettle can burn your hand.