Are You Ready To Cut The Cord And Get Off The Power Tool Merry- Go-Round

Buying power tools is hard work! There are too many companies out there making them. You walk into any home improvement cent and you see aisle after aisle of powered devices that all claims to cut time off the job and make you look like a pro.

power toolsThe Internet is a thousand times worse as it grants you access to the world and you can get tools from countries that have names you need a dictionary to learn how to pronoun and they make the same claims.

Well today, we are going to look at a way you can beat the power tool merry-go-round.

We do this by focusing on just one power tool that is necessary for any professional, handyman, and DIY homeowner.

The tool we will look at today is the “Cordless Drill.”

In this guide, you’ll learn the whys, what to look for, and get some ideas about the type of cordless drill that will best complement the job, project, and all around use.

When you’ve finished you’ll be better able to decide which brand, make, and model is right for you.

This will take you off the Power Tool Merry-Go-Round forever.

Why go with cordless drills anyway?

Well, there are a number of reasons. Remember, however, a drill on a cord can still outmatch in power most cordless drills on the market.

Having said that we have to look at its disadvantages:


    • Weight – To get this kind of power the motor is huge and weighs up to 5 Lbs. in some cases

Bulky – With the extra weight brings size and awkwardness in handling

Cord length – This can be a serious problem if you are a contractor working at a job site and power is not readily available or is located any distance from where the work has to be done

A cordless drill, on the other hand, has the following points in its favor:


    • Lightweight – A cordless drill wouldn’t tire you out when using it.

Portability – It lets you go where the work is and fit into confined spaces.

Power – Today’s Cordless drill can do virtually any job a corded one can do. New motor technology, batteries, and reliability make them a different breed of cat from just a few years ago.

No cord – Cords are responsible for many work site accidents as a tripping hazard or it one is inadvertently cut/frayed becomes a shock hazard.

Versatility – There are today hundreds of different attachments and special purpose bit available for today’s cordless drills.

These facts alone show you the advantages of Cordless over corded.

What to look for in a cordless drill: Job & Power

The first thing you need to look at is the type of profession you are in. If you are in the building trades, you will want power and high energy.

For the at home handyman you might not require such power while other jobs might require cordless drill at either of these extremes.

That means you need to choose between two popular types of drill, the 24 Volt VDC, and the 18 Volt VDC types.

Each can get the work done but depending on the size of the workload, you may choose one over the other.

Get a Brand Name

An old adage says, “Nothing succeeds like Success.” What this means is that for a cordless drill you should go with what the men who use them for their livelihood use and you probably wouldn’t go wrong with your choice. Listed below are a few of the top Brands:

  • Makita
    • Bosch
    • Black and Decker
    • DEWALT
    • Skil
    • Ryobi
    • Rockwell
    • Hitachi
    • Porter-Cable

Of course, there are many more out there that are fine brands, but going with the above gets you the best in reliability and quality for your money.

Buy also for…

You need to look at a few other things as well:

Recharge Time

NiCad vs. LION as you are now seeing high-energy LION batteries that offer lightweight and…

Run time – How much work in hours can you expect from your cordless drill?

Number of bits or attachments available for the cordless you’ve chosen.

Are there service centers in your area?

Can you buy off brand spare batteries? The manufactures often charge an arm and a leg for a spare battery. Many 3rd party suppliers offer replacement that meet or exceed the specs for your cordless.

By following these simple suggestions in this guide, you’ll get more life and use out of your cordless drill and be much happier using it as well.

Buying the Best Portable Generators

Everyone hates power cuts; you can be having a romantic dinner when it happens, and the movie you were planning on impressing your date with was halted because you weren’t expecting a power cut on the night of your date.

No one wants to sit in candlelight, but there is a way to still have electricity in case of a power cut.

Portable generators

portable generatorDespite being used for years portable generators are becoming more and more common. They are inexpensive and practical for backup electrical supplies when the main power supply is cut off. Inexpensive 400 watt generators could be sufficient enough to power up your home’s most basic electrical needs – lights, heating, your refrigerator, a portable air conditional unit. These units can provide the comfort of light, heat etc.

The need for backup power supplies is set to grow. In the US, certain weather phenomena- storms, wind, rain, snow – caused a 78% disruption of the power grid.

What to look for first

Where are you going to put the generator? What kind of space do you have? What type of generator do you want? Those are the type of practical questions to keep in your mind when you decide to buy a generator.

Conventional generator vs. Invertor generator

Conventional pros

1. Nearly unlimited power supply with many models being capable of potentially powering up your entire house.

2. Longer running times. Despite their variants there are converters that can outlast their invertor counterparts with how much gas they have.

3. Greater affordability, many of these generators can easily supply your home with 6 – 10 watts compared to the 1 to 4 watts with inverters.

Conventional Cons

1. They are very noisy, but there are some quiet ones compared to invertors.

2. Fuel efficiency lowered, this is because they require a constant RPM to generate their power, and they need larger amounts of fuel as a result.

3. Less portable. Wheeled ones exist, but the majority of these machines are harder to move.

4. Low quality electricity. This means this type of generator can’t be used to power DVD players, televisions etc.

Invertor Pros

1. Good fuel efficiency – this is due to their ability to reduce their engine RPM when under lighter loads, much better compared to the conventional generators which have to rotate under a constant 3600 RPM to generate power.

2. Lower noise level

3. Higher quality electricity which means this generator type can power TVs and DVD players and computers which are more power sensitive than other appliances.

4. Invertors are more lightweight, which makes them far more portable than their conventional counterparts.

Invertor Cons

1. Invertors come with a limited wattage output, normally less than 4000watts so they aren’t power houses though there are exceptional models out there.

2. Running time – invertor generators have puny fuel tanks because of their fuel efficiency, and this means they need frequent fill ups to keep them running.

3. They are very expensive. They are more expensive than their conventional counterparts.


There is a good reason conventional portable generators are inexpensive, and unfortunately price doesn’t necessarily equal good quality goods.

Sometimes the specifications don’t always match up to the higher end models, other times it could be because the generators are second rate with manufacturing defects and issues in reliability. Some retailers offer financing options for generators.


You want a generator that will provide back up power during a power cut, so you don’t want it to die after only a minute of supplying power.

Transfer switch

A transfer switch is a recommended investment for when you purchase your generator. The switch will be connected to your home’s circuit box without the need for extension cords. It will protect the generator, lights and appliances from any kind of damage when the power comes back on.

It’s recommendable for a professional electrician to install one of these transfer switches.

Tips on how to Choose a Memory Foam Mattress

There are many things to consider when choosing the best mattress for your needs. You may wish to consider the amount of comfort that the mattress has, as well as how hot it can make you feel. The most important thing about the mattress is that it creates a balance for your body which is positioned in a neutral way. This means that the mattress needs to adjust to your spine so that it has a curvature which is in line with the shoulders, heels and buttocks. These parts of the body, as well as the head, all need to be aligned in a proper way. A memory foam mattress is a popular option but there are many things to think about when purchasing a mattress.

Memory Foam MattressThe problem with the choice of mattress is that there are now many different models to pick from. You may find that the mattress that you currently sleep on is too firm. This will create a problem on the pressure points of your body and may have the effect of taking your body parts out of alignment. If the mattress is too soft then it will not have the ability of supporting the pressure points in a proper way. In both of these scenarios, you will end up having an aching body and will wake up in the morning with an aching back.

If you find that you wake up in the morning and you have an aching body for at least 15 minutes, this means that you definitely need to consider a new mattress. It can be a good idea to test the mattress at the store by laying down on the one which you prefer in a selection of positions which you would normally sleep in. It is also a good idea to try and lie on each mattress for at least 10 minutes, so as to get a good feel of it.

There are now usually two main designs of mattress that are available. This includes the innerspring mattress which is generally the most common. These mattresses are built from coil springs and these coil springs sit beneath a wide selection of materials. These materials include latex and pillow, as well as memory foam.

Memory foam mattresses are now growing in their popularity and are becoming used more and more by individuals who require different densities of foam layers which have the ability of responding to temperature and weight. A Memory foam mattress is popular for their comfort because they have the ability of reshaping to the body of the individual who uses them.


If you find that you cannot get comfortable in bed and that you are suffering from chronic fatigue as well as other forms of muscle pain, then a style of mattress which is designed in memory foam model will be suitable for you. The problem with the memory foam mattress is that it can get hot and individuals who suffer from this may prefer the innerspring models. The only way that you will really know whether the mattress is right for you, is if you test it in the shop before you make the purchase.